Sundar's Musings

i like to observe how we use software. Then I try to use these observations to make better software.

Meebo was setup seven years ago. After raising more than 62M$ its being acquired by Google for 100M. Or at least thats what the rumor mill is saying now. That must be disappointing to the founders and employees of Meebo. 

Meebo was one company which did pivots every few years or so. When they did the Meebo bar which was all about publishers leveraging their traffic to generate some money I thought this could be a pre-cursor to what FaceBook or others would do. FaceBook has started leveraging not only the traffic but the social connections. But unfortunately it looks like Meebo has run out of elbow grease, blood, sweat or money. Maybe it has run out of all of these. Anyway starting a company and getting as much traction as Meebo has got deserves respect. Just a bit sad that founders/employees could not have their big day.